Board Members

Dean Roff


Founder and C.E.O.

When Dean started the homeless hookup in 2014, he never imagined it would turn into what  it has. His passion and empathy for those on the streets comes from a very personal  experience in homelessness. 

Amanda Carr



Amanda is the original board member. She is responsible for the wish list, played a major roll in getting our 


Danil Gatalak



Danil is our photographer and media production guy. He is responsible for all the youtube videos. He's willing to go out and do whatever it takes to capture the moment and spread awareness.

Beth Minadeo



Beth is the face behind many of our events including our seasonal fun run.

Brittnay Brown

Vice President

Our busy body! Britt is responsible for helping with our fundraisers and was a key player in establishing the drop boxes at our corporate locations

Christina Perkins


Assistant to the board

Christina is a book keeper by trade and is responsible for keeping up with our budget

Lori Mort-pawloski



Lori is a publicist for Cleveland wish magazine. she has a true heart for philanthropy. She has done our fact sheets, candles and She first came to homeless hookup, by writing our first article!

Ross Hampton


East side marketing and public relations

Ross helped us with our 2017 toy drive and was instrumental to helping, the homeless pizza party happen. Ross has a very personal story, that has brought him to philanthropy.